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Through his work leading both the Gun Prosecution Task Force and the Gang Unit, Greg has seen how the surge in gun violence in Boston has torn families and communities apart, claiming the lives of far too many young people. To combat this crisis, Greg will make the investigation of shooting crimes a priority by allocating greater resources to these cases.

Greg understands the importance of utilizing rehabilitation and diversionary programs in our community, while maintaining an aggressive approach in dealing with Suffolk County's most dangerous and violent offenders.

In many cases, the jailing of offenders grappling with addiction is not the best method to repair the harm done to the individuals and families most impacted. Greg will continue his work with defense attorneys, health care professionals, schools, and drug treatment centers to help those struggling with addiction, with the goal of diverting them from the court system to rehab programs. He stands in support of the expungement of convictions for offenses that are no longer criminal, such as the possession of marijuana.

Greg believes in a transparent and accessible office. He will seek to overhaul the ancient record keeping and data storage model and will allocate resources to develop a modern, efficient system.

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