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Greg has always tried to connect with young people in the community. As an assistant district attorney, teacher at Boston Prep, or basketball coach, Greg has consistently served as a role model and mentor to many throughout Suffolk County. Here are just a few examples of the lives Greg has impacted in our community:


Stephania is a 19 year old from Hyde Park and was connected with Greg at Boston Prep. She just finished her freshman year at Rhode Island College and works as a teacher at Wicked Cool for Kids in Stoneham, MA.

"I met Mr. Henning when I was in middle school at Boston Prep. He wasn’t my teacher at the time, but he was my older brother Manny’s teacher and has been one of the most supportive and caring people in my life since then. He cares about me and my family so much and is always there to give my brother and I the best advice. I text Mr. Henning all the time about school stress and home stress, and he never fails to call/text me back. I can trust him with anything and am so grateful for him. Mr. Henning is an important person in my life and I know he will always be."


Sebastien is a 19 year old who grew up in Hyde Park and was connected to Greg as a 7th grader at Boston Prep. He is now a freshman at Boston College.

"I met Mr. Henning when he was a teacher at my school, but I didn't start to build a relationship with him until after he left teaching. I was struggling and needed some extra support, so one of my teachers connected me with him. That was 6 years ago. Over that time, he has become a father to me. I go to his office to do homework, visited colleges across the country with him, and I still call Greg whenever I need something. If I am going through a difficult time with school or my social life, I call him. It's almost like he is doing all the things that my dad was supposed to be doing, but never did. He's helped me to become a strong minded, mature, and successful young man."


Years ago, Jaumell was arrested in Boston and charged with gun possession. His case was handled by the Gun Prosecution Task Force when Greg was the supervisor of that unit. Jaumell and Greg connected after Jaumell served his sentence and they began an unlikely but important friendship for both of them.

"I met Greg when I was first released from jail and started playing on a travel basketball team. He was one of the coaches. I recognized him but I wasn't sure from where. I didn't know who he was until he told me that he was in charge of the prosecutors that handled my case. Then I felt all types of ways until I sat down and actually had a conversation with him. I thought all prosecutors were about was getting convictions. But I've gotten to know Greg and a few other prosecutors due to being around him and it has changed my perspective on them.

After first just being my coach, Greg became a mentor and a big brother. He helped me look at life in a way I never thought possible. I ended up back in custody, and when I was there Greg visited me often, sent me books, put money in my canteen, and checked on my girlfriend and step son. When I was released, Greg helped me with my financial aid and guiding me through decisions in life. I don't have many friends but I'm comfortable enough with Greg to talk to him about anything.

Greg does a lot for people - and he would be a great DA because he listens to both sides of the story no matter what."


Israel was a 12th grade student at Boston Prep who had Greg as a teacher. Greg connected Israel with his first employment after high school and helped support him as he moved into the field of healthcare and, ultimately, law enforcement. Israel is about to graduate from the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department academy and will become a corrections officer.

“I think everyone has important people in their lives, but not all of them are consistent. People might care for you a lot, but almost always disappear eventually. Greg didn’t disappear. Everyone in my life who matters knows Greg, and he has certainly earned that level of respect.

He was more than a teacher to me at Boston Prep when we first met. Greg would wake up early, go out of his way to pick me up, buy me breakfast, and help me with homework before school started. He was incredibly helpful to me while I was at Northeastern and helped me to get a job at the credit union when I left school.

It was at this point in my life that Greg really became a mentor to me. I was living in Chelsea at the time. It wasn’t a great situation for me and the commute to work was a pain. Greg sat me down one night and told me he thought it would be a good idea if I moved in with him. He said he would look after me, I could stay focused on work, and save up money while I lived there. I lived there for two years and can’t stress how important that was for me at the point in my life.

You always hear stories about people like Greg, but not all of us have the opportunity to actually have someone like that in our lives. I can never thank Greg enough for what he did for me.”


Manny was born in Boston but lived with several different family members when his mother moved back to Haiti. He was raised by his aunt in Hyde Park and had Greg as his 8th grade teacher. Manny is now a freshman at Westfield State University.

"Since I met Greg, he has always looked out for me. If it wasn’t for him, I would not have graduated from high school. I would not be in college. And he has stayed in my life even after he was no longer my teacher. He cares about my health and my safety. He’s taken me to doctor appointments, taught me how to shop and save money, and taken care of me when I was sick. He never asks for anything in return. All he wants is for me to succeed in life.”